Industrial Revenue Bonds

  • Funds are provided by commercial banks or private investors.
  • Best suited to larger, financially strong industrial, manufacturing, agri-business, corporate office, and R&D projects.
  • Proceeds are used to finance fixed assets, including real estate and building acquisition, construction or renovation, and acquisition of machinery and equipment.
  • Two forms of bond financing are “tax exempt” for industrial projects and “taxable” for most others.
  • Benefits of both are the ability to finance 100% of the fixed assets, exemption from sales tax on construction materials, equipment, furniture and fixtures, and real property tax abatements.
  • The added advantage of financing “manufacturing” projects of less than $10 million with tax-exempt bonds is the preferred interest rates available to qualified projects.

Lease/Lease Transactions

  • An alternative to conventional Industrial Revenue Bond financing which can also assist industrial, distribution, and R&D projects
  • Ideally suited to real estate/facility project.
  • Places title to the project to the Niagara County Center for Economic Development and the facility is leased back to the tenant/company.
  • As with an Industrial Revenue Bond project, a Payment-in-Lieu of Tax (PILOT) agreement is utilized to provide real property tax abatements and sales tax exemptions.


***It is imperative to discuss your project with a Niagara County Center for Economic Development project manager before submitting an application in order to determine project eligibility. Please contact us today!